(Plus a tag along rider)

The following photographs have been sent in from each stop that our beloved Brothers Jim and Ed have made on their amazing adventure and immortalizes those meetings of Brothers for BGBB posterity.
I hope everyone enjoys seeing these photographs as much as we who had the pleasure of sharing their adventure and company did, thanks Jim and Ed for this gift of Brotherhood.

All packed, the bikes checked, thus the adventure began from the great state of Massachusetts.

The very first stop on their adventure was in CT. and a visit with Brother JoeRip.

The second stop for our "Two Amigos" was in PA. and a meeting with Brothers Retread and Chazz.

Then on to VA. and a third stop and a visit with Brother Doc.

The forth stop on the adventure found them in Tenn. where they met with Sister Froggy aka Donna.

The Brothers arrived in Slidell Louisiana, a small town just outside of New Orleans where they met up with Brothers RoadHog and Wizzzard.

Now our intrepid travlers moved on to Baton Rouge LA. where they met up with Brothers Bigdaddy and Sonny.

After leaving Louisiana our rambling Brothers fearlessly moved on to Texas where they met with Brothers Sax and Mac and then further into Houston where they met up with Brothers Pops and Elgee.

It was at this point in the trip in Houston Texas that Brother Jim had to return home to MA. due to an injury that was sustained in LA. due to a cager not paying attention and caused Brother Jim to drop his bike.
Brother ED/Herper decided to continue on his adventure alone and thus proceeded on to Arizona and a visit with Brother Chuck/Double D.

Next Brother Herper paid a visit to Las Vegas the home of Brother Radar and also the Harley Davidson Cafe.

Now Brother ED. pushed on into South Dakota and a visit with Brother Tat.

And then on to MN. and a rendezvous with Brothers Dave/chief and Coyote.

Now the very last leg of the adventure for our very tired but happy Brother ED/Herper was back to PA. to return little WeeTread to Brother Retread and then head for home.

Below are the Brothers and Sisters that greeted and took photographs with the little guy.

Here are a few more folks that took photos with little WeeTread.

On behalf of the entire BGBB Family and especially all of us that were lucky enough to meet Brothers Ed/Herper and Jim, I would like to take this oportunity to thank both of them for sharing their adventure and photographs with us.

And now on to the next great adventure, "STILL WE RIDE"